A5/BT4 M16 Barrel Apex Ready

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Transform the look and feel of your favourite paintball gun with the M16 Barrel Apex Ready. Designed to work with any paintball gun utilizing a A5/BT4 thread type the M16 Barrel Apex Ready - A5/BT4 offers a realistic M16 look and improved accuracy at range. With a complete M16 style front sight and hand guards the barrel offers improved ergonomics and targeting capabilities on the field. With an Apex Ready barrel tip users can upgrade the barrel with an Apex Tip allowing for incredible range and curve shots. Upgrade your game today with the M16 Barrel Apex Ready - A5/BT4.


  • M16 Front Sight
  • M16 Barrel Shroud
  • 14 " Barrel
  • Apex Ready Tip
  • A5/BT4 Threads
  • 0.68Cal Barrel


*Does NOT include Apex Tip