210mm Free Float TMC CQB Keymod Shroud

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The brand NEW Killhouse Free Float TMC Keymod Shroud is the perfect addition for players looking to customize their Tippmann TMC Marker to the fullest while making it look super realistic! The keymod rail-type uses a real steel, open-source design which allows operators to use a wide array of attachments (because of its standardized universal system) from flash light mounts, laser modules and scopes to foregrips and more! You can also attach select picatinny rails to the keymod shroud in order to mount picatinny specific gear! Another huge benefit of the keymod shroud is that it is very lightweight, which allows the operator to carry their marker around with ease. The Free Float Shroud is also very sturdy and able to withstand any game type that you throw at it. With the ability to deck your gun out with the coolest gear while looking super tactical, you can't go wrong with a Free Float TMC Keymod Shroud by Killhouse Weapon Systems!



  • Keymod Handguard 
  • Length 210mm
  • Fits: Tippmann TMC