Killhouse Headhunter 7.5 Inch Mock Suppressor

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Get that special ops look on your paintball gun with the Killhouse Headhunter 7.5 Inch Mock Suppressor. This Mock Suppressor is both sleek and aggressive looking. Easy to install, it threads onto the tip of your Killhouse Headhunter Barrel, or any barrel with a 7/8-20 threaded tip. Using an all metal design, your 7.5 Inch Mock Suppressor will be able to withstand the trying environments that can be found on the paintball field.

  • Fits on Killhouse Headhunter Barrels, LAPCO Big Shot Assault, Tiberius Arms barrel tips, Spyder MR5, E-MR5 and Hammer 7 tips, or any 7/8-20 threaded tip barrels.
  • Easy screw on installation, no set screws or sizing rings
  • Ultra durable all metal construction
  • Ported for aggressive and sleek look

Note: This is a mock suppressor. Sound levels are not reduced be using this suppressor.