Killhouse Headhunter 5 Inch Mock Suppressor

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Refresh your paintball gun with the Killhouse Headhunter 5 Inch Mock Suppressor. Featuring aggressive and sleek porting, along with a tough, all metal design, this mock suppressor can withstand the trials of any paintball field. Installation is a breeze. Simply thread it onto your Killhouse Headhunter Barrel or LAPCO barrel. Choose the Killhouse Headhunter 5 Inch Mock Suppressor, you will never have to worry about sizing rings, set screws or scratched barrels!

  • Fits on Killhouse Headhunter Barrels, LAPCO Big Shot Assault, Spyder MR5, E-MR5 and Hammer 7 tips or any 7/8-20 threaded tip barrels.
  • Easy screw on installation, no set screws or sizing rings
  • Ultra durable all metal construction
  • Ported for aggressive and sleek look

Note: This is a fake suppressor. Sound levels are NOT reduced when using this suppressor.