4x32 Scope

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Extend your vision with the 4x32 Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems. With 4 times magnification, you easily gain the advantage in long range engagements, allowing you to put paint or Airsoft BBs on targets before they can see you. With adjustable windage and elevation dials, you can easily sight your scope for maximum range and accuracy.

Included with the 4x32 Scope by Killhouse Weapon Systems is a lens cover to protect against impact and lens scratches, as well as two 1" Picatinny Scope Rings.


  • 4 times magnification
  • Adjustable windage and elevation
  • Includes scope cover to protect from scratches and reduce glare
Note: Not warrantied against breakage due to paintball or BB impacts.
*For paintball and airsoft use only. Not suitable for use with firearms.