4-In-1 Quick Disconnect Swivel Sling Mount

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The heavy duty 4-In-1 Quick Disconnect Swivel Sling Mount allows the shooter to select from four different attaching options. With the 4-In-1 Quick Disconnect Swivel Sling Mount   you can use a quick detach sling swivel, a conventional sling swivel, a hook, or simply run the sling through the sling loop. The sling mount allows a wide variety of options without changing hardware. The quick detach sling swivel uses a push button to quickly connect and disconnect from the base. With a wide 1.5" loop, the 4-In-1 Quick Disconnect Swivel Sling Mount is constructed from a heavy duty, durable metal and is coated in a flat black finish. Easy to install, the  4-In-1 Quick Disconnect Swivel Sling Mount fits onto any picatinny rail, making it the perfect choice for any operator looking for security and maneuverability in the field.


  • Four methods of attachment
  • Quick disconnect swing swivel 
  • All metal construction
  • 1.5" loop for use with most tactical slings
  • Mounts easily to standards picatinny rails